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July 16, 2018

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Social Media Trends Every PR Company Should Keep an Eye on in 2019

January 9, 2019

Not a year went by without certain trends taking over social media. With swiftly evolving technologies and extraordinary usage of social platforms, businesses, accompanied by a PR company, are forced to stay alert to capture the latest trend.


However, jumping on the bandwagon may not be the answer, especially if the brand is not true to the trending concept and only follows it for the sake of visibility. For that reason, most companies try to foresee what is likely to fall under the trending category and how could these trends work for them.

Being a young yet enthusiastic and innovative PR company, at Favotell we brainstormed some of the upcoming trends we would like to share. Either you’re a fellow PR or an independent blogger, we are certain this will prove to be useful.





1. Personalized approach is the key


In a sense, marketeers have spoiled the audience. Years of digging into collected data and targeting interests of the users resulted in it being taken for granted. Therefore, a company not applying special customer needs and wants optimized techniques risks to fail.


Due to that, businesses will need to start paying even more time to their campaigns, tailoring them into specifically targeted advertisement. Social media channels have been strong in this regard from the dawn of their era, but it’s 2019 that is predicted to become the age of their glory.


2. Paid advertisement won’t be knocked off its throne


According to Hubspot, back in 2012 businesses could expect 16% of the followers to be acknowledged of their updates organically. With multiple algorithm tweak on each channel throughout the years the numbers has dropped down.


Any PR company knows that paid advertisement does wonders, and yet many are hesitant to invest. Unfortunately, just as all the years before, the only way to generate most of organic reach and remain visible in 2019 is to pay. Instagram post boosting, sponsored posts on Facebook, ads on various platforms – all of these are essential for a success. Regardless the quality (or quantity to some) of the content, it will barely ever overpower paid advertisement. On the bright side, as per previous years social media advertising does not require big budget. Often a small amount can bring big earnings


.3. Faces over logos


Hiding behind a logo is so 2018. People crave to see other people, they want human interaction and genuine persons instead of loud names and recognizable logos. For small businesses, this is essential to build loyalty and trust.


This trend is specifically important to PR as to be successful, a PR company must build trust through human interaction. Humanization of the brand can be executed in many ways, such as taking publicity opportunities as making an appearance in a webinar or simply guest blogging. There are endless possibilities for the brand to get into a shape of a living person rather than pixels on the screen, it’s all up to creativity.


4. Best content: video content


Ever since Boomerang, Stories and then IGTV were introduced, videos have regained the popularity they’ve experienced at the time of Vine. This helped Tiktok, previously not too successful as music.ly, to finally spread like wild fire among the bloggers.


The trend isn’t likely to fade away and if anything is suspected to only grow further. In regards to that, there is a chance of social media channels tweaking their algorithms of once more, to help videos generate even more reach. Also, this goes hand in hand with the previous trend. Life streaming or sharing short videos are a great way to personalize a brand.


5. Rise of SEO standards


Any PR company, digital marketeer or a blogger know Yoast standards and how it is suggested to have content of no less than 500 words to enchant visibility. This is likely to change in 2019.


Comparing 1000+ words blog posts to those of 500, both being high quality, it appeared Google is likely to rank the longer article higher. Some publishers have already caught the drift thus long-form content is being requested in a stead of a standard length. It will not take long for other comp