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July 16, 2018

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PR Tips: How to Make Journalists Love and Value Your Pitches

January 16, 2019

With social media having us all tangled into digital world, the traditional PR practices are being neglected. From the dawn of times of PR, the key to success was keeping your contacts happy and willing to go back to you. Now, that all leads to social media, the original ways are being treated with less respect and attention, although their importance has not lessened. For that reason we have prepared a list of PR tips to make journalists love you.




1. Charm them with a subject line


Journalists get tons of pitches. Your goal is to stand out from the crowd. You need them to open that email. And there is no other way but come up with a captivating subject line.


The trick is, there is no right or wrong way of writing one. Trial and error, monitoring, experimenting – those are ways of learning what your contact wants to learn. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding publication’s name, sometimes it must be a cry of despair. One thing we can count as one of the PR tips is that it must be short, precise and make them curious.


2. Make them feel unique


No one likes receiving a generic message, be it on a dating app or business. Mass mailing is sure a convenient technique time wise, but not too result driven. You must remember a journalist you try approaching is a person. Therefore, they have an ego that needs an occasional stroke, and this is one of the most common PR tips.


Getting the name right is the start. Nothing do journalists hate more than having their name misspelled. Though that alone