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July 16, 2018

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New PR Agency Versus Industry Giants: How-to Pull a Fight

December 12, 2018

Just like most of the modern markets, PR has long turned into an industry that holds little sympathy to start ups. With many globally established names, a launch of a new PR agency is a big risk and investment.




However, times are changing. The template of ‘bigger is better’ is starting to waver off. The market, previously ruled by behemoth agencies, is becoming more and more diverse as we speak. As clients seek more authenticity and innovative mindset of a beginner, every new PR agency can be the most threatening competitor.


For a newly establish PR agency to pull a fight worth making the industry giants panic, there are three areas of focus: a strategy like no other, an outstanding quality and a brand new perspective.




The biggest of giants have once been a start-up PR agency as well. It took them years of trial and error to come up with the strategy they have. While their strategy had withstood test of time, lead to many successes and is their undeniable strength… It is also their weakness.


Established companies with trusted strategies are usually stiff when it comes to innovations. When the strategy has a lengthy history of success, they prefer not implementing changes on it. This has only arose as an issue in recent years with the boom of technologies. The PR market now is going through reconnaissance and is swiftly changing. The change of market, of course, means the strategies that were reliable for years are no longer as effective.

A brand new PR agency is often flexible in its pursue of a perfect strategy. The blessing of the beginner’s mind and curiosity are the main advantages, allowing the newly sprouted firm to create a hybrid of new age tendencies blended with common practices. In a market growing as steadily as PR, this will certainly make the senior companies uncomfortable.




It’s not an uncommon case that the bigger is the company, the less time they have for each client. PR market is not an exception. Although big firms still offer top quality, due to big volumes and already established name they don’t try as hard as a newly found PR agency.

One way to apply more pressure on powerful competitors, is to out do them. A PR agency should never forget the power of a word and the speed of its spread. Always go an extra mile, be humble and never take anything for granted. Following these steps alone can make an unknown company to raise above globally recognized names.


When we talk of quality, we don’t mean client service only – we mean everything, including the people hired. Its important to remember that upon entering the market, a PR agency exposes itself to a field already inhabited by professionals. No only they need to prove themselves worthy to be among the best, but to actually become the best out of the best.




We live in the age of changes. The boundaries become non-existent and people are more and more open to new ideas. As discussed in Strategies, most of bigger firms are rather stagnated with what they know is a trustworthy way.