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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Tips for a successful PR company: Communication

November 14, 2018



The industry of PR is as big as it is diverse and there is every reason for it to be. Not only a successful PR company generates great income and brings use to multiple parties at once, but it is also a great environment to work in.


Although the basic requirement to have combination of creativity and industry knowledge lures young professionals in, many are clueless for the challenges the world of PR carries. The giants of the market make it look easy, thus inspired by their cloudless success inexperienced entrepreneurs aim to repeat their steps. However, that’s when they learn the path is actually full of thorns.


Although still a young PR company themselves, Favotell, thanks to sky high ambition and hard work, became successful professionals of the field. Now, being established, we strive to share tips on how we made our way in with others. Today we would like to cover the essential part of PR: communication.



  • Media Contacts Book


PR is all about networking and every PR company must have a media contacts book. It might seem a difficult task at first, especially when you are at the very beginning, but it is a crucial part that must not be left out.


Creating a media contacts book from a scratch is a lengthy and difficult process, but the