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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Harmonious, yet Incomplete

August 26, 2017

Founded in 2014, the team behind the luxury accessories brand Incomplete, discovered a gap in the market for handbags with a unique design, and so have created collections which captivates, and fulfils this space in the industry. The designers bring us accessories that are visually interesting, with echoes to visuals from the art world. The elements of luxury and casual-wear are blended together to create a well-balanced collection.


The features of an Incomplete handbag are distinctive and recognisable. Looking more closely at the bags themselves, the use of asymmetry in the cuts of material and geometrical shapes remain striking features throughout their designs. Asymmetry is a style that is a prominent feature in brands such as Vetements and Off White, and so Incomplete’s designs are forward thinking and as relevant as garment brands. There is a sense of synergy between these asymmetrical cuts and patterns flowing from a flap to the body of the bag, and even shown by a singular bag’s design coordinating with another, different bag. There is a holistic feel to their designs, which also stand out individually.



Another distinctive feature of an Incomplete bag, is the oversized, circular shape of material which is the most eye catching, yet cool feature. It’s interesting how the size of the circle, whilst being the most attracting feature of the bag, remains a subtle embellishment when paired with a coordinating outfit. In this regard, these bags encompass elements of eye-catching features, yet remain subtle and muted – mixing distinctive and subtlety extremely well.





















The designs coming from the Incomplete team, seem as if they are grounded in certain artistic movements, specifically Pop Art, with the bursts of colour and the De Stilj movement, combining geometric shapes and architectural design.