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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Anna McNaught x FAVOTELL

July 24, 2017

Where did your passion for photography come from?


I have a family of artists and have been surrounded by art my whole life. My mom was always attached to a camera when I was growing up so I naturally started begging for my first point and shoot! I photographed life around me all through high school and pursued a degree in college in graphic design and photography. My passion for photography has since grown into a love for surrealism and dreamlike edits.


Did your career in graphic design have an impact on your photography skills?


Definitely! I think the graphic design work that I do allows me to have advanced skills in Photoshop and to look at photography from a different angle.  It was no longer about what I could capture in the camera but became about what I could create with pieces of photos and my imagination.  The design skills have helped A LOT!





What are the challenges you face creating surrealistic imagery?


I think the biggest challenges are, always finding inspiration and finding time to create what I have in my mind! There are some days where I sit down to work on an edit and everything goes wrong. It's as though all of my editing skills have gone away. The inspiration is gone and I'm left frustrated.  Usually those are the days that I have to step away from the computer and get outside and refresh my mind.  


What is the inspiration behind each shoot?


It varies for every shoot that I do. A lot of times I'll see something that I know will look cool in a composite so I'll snap a photo and continue on with my day.  For example, I was on a hike last week and saw a tree that was perfectly silhouetted. I took a few shots and kept hiking.  It's fun to take pieces of the world and create something entirely different.  As for inspiration for paid shoots, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest!


How much post production goes into your iPhonegraphy?


I don't do any Iphonegraphy, Everything is shot on my DSLR unless I'm somewhere without it.