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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Oksana Tanasiv x Favotell London

June 26, 2017

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into art?

I am Ukrainian- American contemporary artist, experimenting in a few different styles and personal techniques.
I was born in a small Ukrainian town on the West of Ukraine in a middle-class family. Since my early childhood I was dreaming of becoming an artist. I often used paper pads, notebooks to express my drawing skills. I was inspired by my granddad, a craftsman and art teacher, as well as my dad who inherited excellent artistic skills from his dad. My parents, family members, friends encouraged my talent by multiple compliments and positive comments about my skills. I remember at that moment I realized, art is something I do very well, and art gives me positive feelings and confidence.

Despite the fact I dedicated my formative years to the education in Psychology and Business, I never lost my wish to paint. I got Bachelor degrees in Science and Business Management, but it equipped me well with knowledge of marketing, science, PR and brand management. It helped me to bring my artist's career to a higher level, and work on the branding and promotion of my image as an international contemporary artist.
I immigrated from Ukraine to the USA in 2004 and since then started to develop my professional career as an artist. As an immigrant i faced many problems first years but it didn’t stop my passion to work in art. Since then I created around 170 art works and 15 collections exhibiting them in variety of galleries and events.

How did you develop your art skills?

I developed my art skills by everyday's painting throughout the years.
Challenging yourself by practicing to paint different objects of the surrounding world is probably one the best ways to improve painting skills, in my opinion. I was testing different media (oil, watercolor, acrylic, fabric, Swarovski crystals, epoxy, beads, sequins, clue) and experimented different styles (realistic, surrealistic, pop-art, neo-folk). It was spent thousands of hours, many days and years of practicing my art and I enjoy every single moment even more everyday. I would call myself a self-taught artist because I never attended an art school and never got an education in art. In this case I deeply appreciate my dad and granddad who I inherited my love of art from.

What was your initial inspiration behind an art work?


My initial inspiration came from a range of different sources. I may be inspired by a beautiful landscape, flower, by an amazing fashion design or celebrity's style even by the art of other artists or visiting museums. For example, my biggest collection of Fashion art is a reflection of my passion of