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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Tracey Thornton x Favotell London

April 22, 2017

Happy Friday! We’re talking to the artists Tracey Thornton about the inspiration behind her work. Get a look at the woman behind the canvas. Enjoy x



Why did you choose butterflies for your work?


I wanted to represent moments, events and sentiments from the every day. Butterflies bring a sense of well being and convey so much. They also have conflicting attributes such as strength, resilience, vulnerability, beauty and serenity but can be frenetic and chaotic. All in all an ideal representation of family life! I haven't met anyone who doesn't enjoy seeing butterflies so there is a natural connect already. I use 2D and 3D butterflies depending on the piece. They bring movement and a uniformity to my pieces - this is to convey the shared experiences many of us have when raising a family - it is a great leveller.


How do you feel your work represents a contemporary view of traditional themes?


Landscapes have always been popular. For me, I love being outside in nature and what is more natural than raising a family? So I decided to use a traditional landscape theme as the basis for my representation but apply a contemporary, abstract method to allow for individual interpretation. My work appeals to people who want to understand the inspiration behind the piece as well as people who enjoy the composition as a simple scene for their own interpretation.

How do you think your Butterfly Series represents scenarios, emotions, senses or actions?


There are so many events that happen on a daily basis - most are fleeting but even these are ones being played out in families the world over. For me the composition of the piece, the colour palette, the number and placement of the butterflies and the innocent, simplicity of the flowers all help depict family life.

"Blue Hue" is an example of the bath time and bed time routine with young children: the setting sun and the last flurry of activity before calm resumes. For me blues have always been calming but in this piece the streams and sprays of watery colours also convey the splashes and liberation of bath time.

What made you choose to work predominantly in acrylic, collage and mixed-media?