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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Roze-marlin x Favotell London

December 14, 2016


What did you want to be when you were a child?


I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to be but I was very into art, colouring, making jewellery, and interested in fashion.

Did you study at school for art and design and how did you learn the skills you have today?


I studied fine-art at The Dutch Royal Academy of Art. We were very free in what mediums we could use. In the second year of the academy I taught myself how to morph faces and perfect the portraits using Photoshop. We had a lot of conversations about our work with the coaches and they really let us experiment with different things. They stretched us out creatively, so that afterwards, we could come back to our core with the right skills and knowledge.



Who or what influences your work?


Vogue is a fashion magazine that inspired me a lot with some of their alien kind of beauty editorials.

The models looked almost like dolls and I was so intrigued by their beauty, so I started to colour onto them, in the same way that a Russian Icon was adored and deserved a golden frame with gems by a goldsmith. In the second year of the art academy I also discovered I could create my own icons by morphing a model with a doll. My auntie said to me, "It's a bit like you are playing God when you create your art, because a new being is born." It feels amazing to create a new being out of different photos, and I also like the friction that it creates in people's brains. They might think, "What am I looking at? A doll? A human?" It is exactly in-between and this digital time we're living in made it possible for me to manipulate these photographs so it "could" be real, like photography used to be a shot of the real world. I have another series where I morphed photos with paintings, blowing new life into the portraits and creating my own version of some famous paintings. I like that this allows me to show a variety of personalities and cultures.

Nowadays we have a whole range of possibilities to create the impossible in these mediums. I think this is awesome; being able to show a new perspective on the world.