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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Helt Sort X Favotell

October 31, 2016


Happy  Monday

We are back with our weekly designer Q&A and this time its all about Arts. 

Favotell's guest for today is Helt Sort,  a Danish Contemporary Pop Artist.

We spoke to Helt Sort to figure out more about his life and get a sense of inspiration that lays within every single arts piece that he does.

What did you want to be when you were a child?


Definitely an artist. I've always wanted to be an artist. As a boy I had a huge focus and love for the imaginative surrealism. My creative urge was great. My biggest role models growing up were Salvador Dali, René Magritte and our very own Danish Wilhelm Freddie. Freddie was perhaps not as widely known abroad, but at home he was definitely among the best in the genre and highly recognised for his activities, which also made him a professor at the Royal Danish Art Academy.


Did you study at school for art and design? How did you learn the skills you have today?


After a few years in a basic drawing and painting school I was disheartened and went away from the art road. The new road brought me first to a technical drawing education the subsequently studying - Building Construction Technology. This is a cross between engineer and architect. However I suddenly found myself in the advertising industry. Here I got money for being creative. At first I was an autodidact illustrator and layout artist. Later I became an art director and graphic designer with my own agency. The focus however, was over time more and more on concept development and actual product development and design.


Who is your favourite Artists at the moment?


I am a great admirer of Banksy. The brilliant understated graffitti motives and the conceptual approach. As a former advertising man one can only give a high five for all this that goes up in a higher unity. Danish Olafur Eliasson is also fantastic. His installations can take your breath away. In a completely different genre, German Daniel Richter. He tells stories with power, painting pictures which is about the world we know and live in. The paintings are about policies, sex, music, ecstasy, violence and conflict etc. Altogether three very different artists, but they all have a constant quest and search for excellence in common.

Who or what influences your work?


There is no doubt that my advertising background affect my work, like the hole graphic design experience affect my approach. Outside these influences everything from the works of other artists, often from early pop art days. This is an art form which I have made my mission to extend to the next level. But also everything from movies, news to other streams e.g from interior and fashion have great impact on my art work.


What’s your proudest achievement in your career?


The daily positive feedbacks that my pictures get on Instagram means a lot to me. Feedback from art interested