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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Ornella Gallo Di Fortuna X Favotell

August 23, 2016

 Happy Monday and welcome to our fashion Q&A section. This week we are happy to introduce to you an Italian fashion designer- Ornella Gallo Di Fortuna. Originally from Uruguay, Ornella is currently a creative director and designer of ORNELLAGALLODIFORTUNA fashion. 

Ornella has been linked to the fashion industry from a very early age, as her mother owned a couture atelier of formal wear in Uruguay.  After assisting and learning from her mother at the atelier, she began to work with renowned designers in Spain and as a result began leading design teams of women’s wear, children’s wear and bridal.

At the moment the designer finds inspiration and creative direction from art and considers painting and drawing to be an essential part of her creative process.  

Please introduce yourself; Your full name, where you are from, where you currently live and what you currently do for a living/job


My name is Ornella Gallo Di Fortuna. I was born in Italy but I am currently based in London. I am a Fashion – graphic- product designer and some people call me an “artist” because I do things that some artist do. But I don’t really like to call myself like that, I prefer “maker” or “explorer” of materials and forms.


What did you want to be when you were a child?


A Fashion Designer, I knew it since the very early age of 3 years old. 


Did you study at school for art and design and how did you learn the skills you have today?


I studied in private art classes since I was 12. I  then went on to study graphic design, fashion design, pattern cutter, tailoring and finally Fashion Business at Central Saint Martins in London.


Who or what influences your work?


I have many influences and any at the same time, but something that repeats all the time in the creative process is the material. I love to play with the materials, give different dimensions and forms to the artwork. However, if I am doing a painting or a piece of artwork I get emotionally inspired. Emotions and inner expressions are what drives me, I never know what is that is going to come, I paint what I want to happen in my life… and eventually they become real like the series of fashion canvases, which are fashion sketches in a large format.


Who is your favorite Artists at the moment?


I feel very much inspired at the moment with Barbara Hepworth and Miguel Angel because I have some art projects coming up towards the end of next year and both of them are about large sculpture and fresco murals. And I think these two artists have techniques that are worth studying and admiring. Also I am rediscovering Matisse, that I never paid too much attention, but a recent project made me realize that he was great!


What’s your proudest achievement in your career?


Well, in terms of artistic expression I feel proud of one small painting that I made when I was 14 years old. Made of oil on canvas, I think that was my first time using a pallet knife and I love it… I still find the result attractive. It may not be incredibly amazing in terms of a critical eye but for me it has an enormous value. (Sentimental value)

And in terms of fashion I could say that when I won a prize in Madrid as a Young Fashion Designer, I was thrilled. The collection was inspired in gauchos of Uruguay, but all of them have a modern twist that makes them very attractive and not folkloric. I’m still repeating some of the patterns that I design that time as I believe that they were beautifully done and a-temporal.

If you could give your ten year old self one piece advice what would it be?


When I was 10 I used to say “I wouldn’t like to be an “Artist