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Favotell meet the future of the art world

July 16, 2018

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Welcome to Favotell

August 16, 2016

Favotell means - “I want to tell you my favorite”.


We are company whose mission is to seek out the most talented emerging artists and designers to give them a platform to get a stake in the competitive UK and Chinese market places.

We achieve this by focusing on a few select clients with the most promising talent and create partnerships and collaborations to provoke new innovative designs, events and concepts.


Currently based in Shanghai and London, Favotell is set for rapid growth across continents in the coming years with shops and offices due to open in New York, South Africa and LA. We put on exhibitions regularly each year in multiple countries, showcasing our clients work to our extensive network. Alongside exposure we provide ongoing support and development to our clients through industry knowledge, connections and even facilities. 

Guang-Yu Zhang, Resident Artist

Favotell feels it has a duty to the fashion industry to remove the stereotypical tendencies that the general public view the industry as and foster a new collaborative environment that welcomes the underdog and levels the playing field for all. After all isn’t that what fashion is? The opportunity to be uniquely you and to be celebrated for that.



We want to bring together a melting pot of people to create a unqiue a natural place to exchange ideas and opinions. We have experienced first hand the struggle as a creative to make your creations known, the old age battle between the artistic mind and business mind. We aim to bridge that gap and allow for skill share amongst one another, so everyones true talents can be recognized.




Okay. You’ve made it this far. So you like the concept of what we do, I mean that’s great, what’s not to like?

But, let me tell you what this blog is going to be.Actually, an easier question to start with is what this blog won’t be.

It won’t be an onslaught of pictures with one person's opinion on them. It also won’t be a place of conscious stream of thought from Favotell staff and it definitely won’t be somewhere you come to be sold on our Artists and Designers.


Instead this will be a hub for quality information on both fashion and arts around the world. A place where a community of creatives can come to find worthy information and share their thoughts, ideas and even connect with one another. We want to provide the same service Favotell does for their talent here through a blog. We have dedicated staff to bring to you the best of the best in the arts industry, direct to your device and we look forward to sharing this with you.


You’ll find Q&A’s with top artists, news from big and small designers around the globe, event lists in London and Shanghai and so much more. We’re very excited to become thought leaders in this industry. We know the market is busy but we’re here to make it a better and fairer place for all.



Will you come to the top with us?