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Why did you start?

We started off with the purpose to introduce *Hangul and Hanbok* to the world.

           *Hangul is the unique Korean alphabet. It is said that it is possibly the most scientific and beautiful language in the world.

           *Hanbok is the Korean traditional clothing.

The reason why our brand name is Rieul is to effectively inform people around the world about us while also promoting Korean culture. Because our brand name is in Korean, name people already are exposed to a small part of the Korean culture just by knowing our brand.

The word Rieul = ㄹ resembles the number 2. It also resembles a mirrored version of the familiar alphabet letter, S. Through using this unseen yet oddly familiar symbol, we are trying to promote the unique characteristics of Korean culture to the world.

Brand Mission

Our brand mission is the fusion of culture.

In our new promotional album, Afro-American models are wearing Neo-Hanbok, our contemporary adaptation of the Korean traditional clothing. Through this series of photos, we wanted to show the harmony between the Eastern and Western cultures.

The combination of the Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok, and Western-style clothes is most literally an instance of direct cultural harmony.