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Margaret Gutier (LONDON), enjoy the global "creative" life!


London, a diverse metropolis, where residents from all over the world, and a melting pot of ethnicity, religion and culture, using more than 300 languages.


London, a city full of artistic creativity, a compatible model of the most traditional and most modern, the birthplace of the world's emerging art design and lifestyle trends, a city that global "THE CREATIVE CLASS" most yearning for living in.


Margaret Guti (London) is determined to create a COOL private beauty care and lifestyle brand for the world's "THE CREATIVE CLASS". Same as London, Margaret Guti is also full of creative passion and desire for tradition passing on, because "THE CREATIVE CLASS" obviously understands art, quality and being special better than other consumers.


Margrete Gaultier, a collection of more than 40 cosmetic recipes in the Spanish explorer "Juan Ponce de Leon Ponce" expedition record, merged  ancient herbal formulas with advanced production technology, mixed the old beauty alchemy with latest technology formula to meet higher requirements of skin care because of the modern environmental pollution, increased pressure on life, to improve the skin in the shortest possible time, so that consumers witness the improved beauty results, and once again explore the "not old spring youth" legend.


Margaret Guti has long-standing cooperation with a number of European medicinal botanical gardens, and funded plant research and cherish plant protection in long-term. By working with it, it also ensures the reliability and effectiveness of the Margaret Phuket plant formula.


Today, Margaret Gutier (London) came to China to provide a more open and diverse product and lifestyle experience for China's "THE CREATIVE CLASS".